Ethan Alexander
Full Stack Developer

Tech hobbyist and Kansas native trained via Centriq

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Personal dive to who I am

Computer enthusiast and avid gamer from a young age

  • Familiar with assembling powerful machines
  • Hands on with desktop computers from the age of 8
  • Assembled a dual computer streaming setup with remote capabilties handling video encoding with steady bitrate for a clear image on stream (no longer in possession)

Sociable and enjoy connecting with others that share similar passions to me. I like learning from others within the tech space that may have experience I am unfamiliar with. Attended multiple Kansas City LAN events to connect more with the local tech and gaming communities.

Why Choose Me?

I am incredibly self-motivated with the drive to become the best developer I can possibly be. I am never afraid to tackle a challenge head first while also using it as an opportunity to learn. I am familiar with machine assembly and what it means to be a full stack developer. I put 100% effort into everything that I do and always try to do things the right way rather than cut-corners.


I recognize communication plays a crucial role in creating a cohesive team


I am comfortable working a team based setting, while motivating those around me


I take pride in not cutting corners. I prefer doing things the "right" way, rather than finding the easiest way.

My Instructors

Spencer Pearson

Full Stack Web Development Instructor

Taught me:

  • Fundamentals of User Interface
  • Principles of User Experience
  • Introduction to Data
  • Single Page Apps in React

Jeremy Rutherford

Technical Instructor - Full-Stack .Net Web Developer Track at Centriq Training

Taught me:

  • C# Fundamentals
  • Advanced Data

Evan Whittaker

Full Stack Engineer | Coding Instructor Manager at Centriq Training

Taught me:

  • MVC and .NET Core
  • Team Development
  • Project Development & Presentation